1. By credit card


2. By PayPal

Recurring monthly donations available via Paypal

3. By Everydayhero.com

4. By iDonate

5. Other ways to give & tax relief on donations

We accept electronic bank transfers which allows you to donate directly from your bank to ours. Please contact our Finance department on 061 370 325 and we will arrange to send them to you.

We also accept cheques, postal orders and bank drafts by Post.

Please make any donations payable to NOVAS and send it, along with your details to:

NOVAS, 87 O Connell Street, Limerick V94 XN51

As a charity we can reclaim tax on donations made by individuals that are €250 or more, whether self-assessed or PAYE tax payers. All we need is for you to return this Hyperlink CHY3 Form to us and we take it from there.

A donation of €250.00 could realise a further €112.00 for NOVAS by reclaiming the tax already paid by you. The total value of your donation could become €362.00.

Tax can be reclaimed by charities on any amount between €250.00 and €1,000,000.00. The amount of tax we can reclaim on your donation is relative to the amount of tax you have paid in a given year.

Your donation does not need to be made in one lump sum. For example, a monthly Direct Debit to NOVAS of €20.83 and above qualifies. A direct debit can be set up on our website.

The CHY3 Form lasts for a period of five years. This does not compel you to donate again to NOVAS at any time in the future.

All you need to do is complete and return the form to: Donal O’Carroll, Head of Finance, Novas, 87 O’Connell Street, Limerick or email to donal.ocarroll@novas.ie

Alternatively, we will be happy to post a form to you. Please call us on 061-370325 to arrange.