Novas Covid-19 Fundraising Campaign

Throughout the pandemic, Novas is working harder than ever to support the most vulnerable people in our society; providing a safe place to sleep each night, warm meals, grocery packs, kid’s activity packs, toiletries and much more. We are supporting people who are cocooning and people who are isolating. In our services and in the community, our front-line staff are striving to keep vulnerable households safe.

In Dublin, Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, Kerry and west Cork our staff are working with thousands of marginalised people to keep them safe and well.

Accommodation services

Novas have a range of emergency, temporary and long-term accommodation throughout Ireland for people who are experiencing homelessness. In these services, our staff work 24/7 to support some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

The ways we work and the ways in which we offer support have dramatically transformed since the beginning of the pandemic. We now keep our social distance and encourage clients to do the same. We have had to find new ways to build trust and relationships with clients. We spend less time in the company of clients, so we rely on technology more to stay connected. Our staff link with clients over the phone, chat at a safe distance and write letters to them. While our staff spend less time with clients, they are always there. During these unprecedented times, providing homeless people with a safe pace place to live is more important than ever.

Drugs Services

Novas’ Mid-West Respite House, Mid-West Community Detox Programme and Dual Diagnosis service continue to provide support to people in addiction and their families throughout the Mid-West. While much of our face-to-face encounters have been paused, we provide daily phone support, advocacy on behalf of clients and endeavour to keep the pathways to treatment open. Face-to-face support is also offered in a safe way for both our staff and clients, when it is required.

Family and Community Services

Novas provides outreach and family support to vulnerable households in all the areas we work in throughout Ireland. These services are very important in preventing homelessness, sustaining tenancies and supporting families to live independently.

Throughout the pandemic we have been developing new ways to support households, as many other supports they reply on have had to close. We provide hot meal and grocery pack deliveries, play packs for children and toiletries and baby essentials. We advocate on behalf of clients, signpost to relevant agencies and provide emotional support, particularly to families living in hotel accommodation.

Door and gate visits continue to be provided to households with challenging and complex needs. As unemployment rises and schools remain closed, additional pressures are experienced by already vulnerable households. Our work is more vital now than ever.

As we are supporting more people than ever, in more ways than ever, we are looking for your support. If you are in a position to donate, you can do so here.