Novas open new family hub in Dublin

In the first week of January Novas opened a new family hub in Ballyfermot, Dublin 10. The new complex accommodates 12 families from the area, all of whom had been living in emergency B&B accommodation, some for lenghty periods of time.

The new complex provides families with dedicated self-contained living spaces, communal kitchen and laundry facilities and dedicated playrooms, recreational spaces and outdoor amenities. As all residents are from the vicinity, they are now within close proximity to their children’s schools and creches as well as as their families, friends and support networks. Previously, many of the families had long and expensive commutes across the city to bring children to school and get to work themselves. The location of the service, as well as the dedicated onsite amenities, greatly enhances their quality of life.

Clients also liaise with a dedicated staff team, including a resettlement officer who supports them to secure and maintain long-term accommodation. While the hub is a vast improvement for families previously living in hotels, Novas is acutely aware that it is not a long-term living arrangement and is working steadfastly with the Dublin Region Homeless Executive to support families to move on. Part of this work includes Novas’ procurement of family homes.