NOVAS pre-budget submission

NOVAS have launched its 2023 Pre-budget submission.

We recognise that there will be significant pressures on the 2023 budget, with many sectors of society requiring additional support and funding. However, those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness as well as socially and economically marginalised households, must be prioritised. The latest homeless statistics released by the Department of Housing (July 2022) reveal unprecedented numbers of people accessing emergency and temporary homeless accommodation. In addition, there are many more people who are hidden homeless, people who are living in squats, in substandard and overcrowded accommodation, sofa-surfing and involuntary sharing, who are not recorded in any official data. Budget 2023 must protect the most vulnerable and stem the tide of people becoming homeless in this state.

NOVAS’ pre-budget submission calls for

  • HAP rates that reflect the current rent costs.
  • Additional one-bed units to be developed in general and social needs housing stock, to reflect the demand for these properties.
  • Increased Housing First targets.
  • Incentives for small landlords to stay in the sector.
  • Ring-fenced health budget specifically for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Tageted interventions and protections for economically marginalised households.

The full submission can be viewed here.