Thank you to all our clients, volunteers and staff who have kindly shared their stories and experiences with us.

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- NOVAS Homes Tenants Newsletter – September 2021

Welcome to our first edition of Novas Homes Tenant Newsletter

- NOVAS Homes Tenant Newsletter – September 2021

Over the past few years, our lives have changed completely. We have a beautiful home and I am clean from drugs.

- Lisa Marie’s Story

What they did for all the young people, they helped build lives for people who had no parents.

- Gul’s Story – Fearless in the Face of Adversity

It means the world to me knowing that my wife and children are now safe and we have more freedom to be happy.

- Our Story – moving into our own home

You will never know how much this house means to us, how it has changed everything and how much stress has been lifted from us.

- Our forever home

The children are so happy and they went crazy when they first saw their new home and they love their bedrooms.

- Sumithra’s Story

We feel that we are part of a community and take great pride in our new home.

- Joan and Kieran’s Story

I was given a second chance and am grateful for it. I have had positive interactions with the project workers and all the staff.

- The Abigail Centre Story

I recently got housed. I was able to get to the house viewing and the interview thanks to the staff of the hub

- Roisin’s Story – The Ennis Family Hub

'When one is on the streets, they are alone, stressed and fearful. It is dehumanising.'

- Sonia’s Story

'All clients who show up at the various service outlets are treated with total respect and enjoy the chat and banter.'

- Ger’s Story – Street Outreach Volunteer

Novas understood what it meant to us and our children's mental and emotional well being to stay rooted in a place.

- Laura and Garry’s Story – Novas West Cork

I believe the staff in McGarry House saw in us, things we couldn’t see in ourselves. They believed we were ‘more than just addicts’.

- Ger’s Story

I have made friends here and I now have more contact with my family. I am happy

- Sean’s Story

I could not stop smiling for about three weeks. I absolutely love the house.

- Ciara’s Story

Having a place of my own where I can hang up my photographs and cook my own meals and be myself feels really good

- Mark’s Story

Since having my own place, I have achieved one of my main goals...I got a job.

- Veronica’s Story

For me, the part I most enjoyed was the peace and quiet and being able to choose what I wanted to do.

- A holiday in Co. Kerry

I've gone from being homeless to having a home, money in my pocket and lots of friends.

- Ollie’s Story

Doing my Master's helped me strive for social justice with new vigour.

- Ronan’s Story

My Name is Luke and I’m writing to tell you how the service that is Novas changed my life.

- Luke’s Story

My name is Margaret and I have been a resident of Haarlem Court Apartments in Firhouse since last November...

- Margaret’s Story

I wrote a story in May, about my life since I was a child and the ups and downs I have had.

- Richard’s Story

Rose & I decided to get involved with the ‘Soup Run’ having watched the television programme ‘Secret Millionaire’ with Richard Mulcahy.

- Novas’ Street Outreach

Brother Russell is my home now, the only home I’ve had since I was 4 years old.

- Frank’s Story

There is light and hope at the end of the tunnel. Novas' Respite House helped me to relax and meditate.

- NOVAS Respite

Novas supported me with my housing, my addiction and rebuilding my relationship with my children.

- Intensive Family Support Story

I started doing some voluntary work in Bridgeland House… it kept me busy and sober...

- Bridgeland House

56 Mitchel Street was not just a place to sleep. It was much more than that…a home away from home.

- 56 Mitchel St, Thurles Story