DIAL House

Opened in 2007, DIAL House is a six unit residential service which accommodates care leavers with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues, at risk of falling into the cycle of homelessness.

NOVAS identified an urgent need to develop a specialised service for this young cohort, who would otherwise have been accommodated in larger, low-threshold facilities, unsuitable to their needs. DIAL embodies the proactive spirit of NOVAS; identifying a need and developing a service around that need.

It provides a safe, home-like environment for residents and personal development of clients is based on holistic care giving and building trust and engagement with staff.

DIAL offers a two-year life programme to residents, teaching them skills in cooking, cleaning, paying bills and money management, in a bid to equip them for independent living. The scheme also works with external agencies to provide professional courses on issues such as self-harm and drug use. Peer led learning is at the core of the DIAL ethos.

To complement in-house training, all residents are actively encouraged to participate in further education. Staff identify suitable courses and assist with the application process. The staff advocate on behalf of residents to ensure they are availing of all opportunities open to them and pursuing their interests and hobbies.

DIAL also offers an out-reach programme, for former clients living independently. Staff provide practical and emotional supports to ensure clients are maintaining their accommodation and actively engaging in society.

For further information on this service, please contact Louise Creamer on 061 329739 or email louise.creamer@novas.ie