I could not stop smiling for about three weeks. I absolutely love the house.

I became homeless in 2016 when I had to leave my father’s house due to overcrowding; myself and my two small children were sleeping in one room. We were not able to source private rented accommodation and ended up staying in various B&B’s for 12 weeks. This was a horrible experience; my younger child was only a few months old at the time and suffered from colic. It was very difficult for all of us. There was no fridge or no microwave.I had no way of heating bottles or cooking a meal for my older child.

After 12 weeks of living like that Novas offered us short term accommodation in one of their apartments. This was so such better than living in one bedroom. There were cooking facilities and my key working helped me with the basic things like food, a kettle, toaster, cutlery, bedding and was there to support us with anything we needed.

After about a month living here, they supported me to secure a three-bedroom house in the private rented market. They liaised with the landlord to support this move. I was thrilled and jumped at the chance. I could not stop smiling for three weeks. We absolutely love the house. There is a lot of space and a big garden. We are very happy here. What more could you ask for?