56 Mitchel Street was not just a place to sleep. It was much more than that…a home away from home.

56 Mitchel St, Thurles Story

Letter of appreciation from a person who was one of the first tenants in our new service in Thurles.

When I was first told I would be accommodated in Mitchel Street I was of course happy, but a little apprehensive as local rumors about it weren’t good.

When I met the two managers on my first day, they were so friendly and made me feel so welcome. I relaised immediately that all the negative talk about this house was false. The house was inviting and warm, it was a home away from home. The facilities were very good, everything I needed was provided. 56 Mitchel Street was not just a place to sleep, it was much more that that, it helped me improve my life skills and I learned so much.

After a few days in the house I was settled in. I felt safe there. There were so many benefits in staying at 56 Mitchel Street for me, I felt welcome and wanted and part of a big family.

The staff were amazing in the house, they always looked out for my best interests and always made sure I was safe. If I had any worries they always listened to me. Day or night the staff were always there for me and I found that very reassuring.

Now I am moving on to my own apartment and I feel really confident in living on my own. The staff have taught me everything I need to know about budgeting and paying rent and basic life skills. I am of course very sad to be leaving but I now feel I am totally ready to move on and I feel that somebody else can benefit from my place in 56 Mitchel Street.

The staff have been very supportive in my decision to move out. They are amazing people and have become more than just staff to me, I would count them as friends, friends that have changed my life for the best and I am sincerely grateful to everyone of them.