Over the past few years, our lives have changed completely. We have a beautiful home and I am clean from drugs.

Lisa Marie’s Story

Lisa Marie’s story

I started getting support from NOVAS approximately 10 years ago. Life was very tough back then. I was homeless with my partner and our four children; moving from hotel to hotel for nearly a year. My mental health was very poor and I started misusing street tablets to make me feel better. Finally, I ended up in 5B after trying to take my own life but the devil told me to go home. I can joke about it now but it felt like I was not good for anything or anyone. My children were open to social work and I could see no hope. This was not the life I wanted for my kids.

Around that time, I started working with NOVAS. They supported me with things such as referrals to counselling and parenting programmes, applying for different benefits, budgeting and also practical things like lifts. After a while, they helped us get a council house, somewhere to call a home.

Over the past few years, our lives have changed completely. We have a beautiful home, I am clean from drugs and when life gets tough I continue fighting because my children need me. We are now receiving tenancy sustainment support from NOVAS. My key-worker calls in once a week for a chat and she helps with different things.

We do not see NOVAS as an organisation, but like a part of our family. It is like my mother or a sister calling. I am so proud of myself and thankful to Novas for being with us every step of the way and for always going above and beyond. Everything is possible, you just need to open up and ask for support.