There is light and hope at the end of the tunnel. NOVAS Respite House helped me to relax, meditate and enjoy the beautiful gardens and surrounding countryside.

My Dream House 26/10/2016
It was the beginning of winter 2008 and I was sitting in the garden looking at the trees shedding the rest of the autumn leaves. My mind was racing and I was thinking of my ill son who was in the thrones of drug addiction and how he would survive another winter of living rough on the street, was there another way of helping him get better? My heart was a black sea of pain, my own life had become unmanageable and my family was in chaos. If he had cancer or any other disease than being addicted to drugs. I was grieving for that, I had lost my beautiful son to drugs. I was addicted and obsessed with getting him better, I could not let it go, it was all about him, where he was, what he was doing, would he overdose? Would he be murdered? I was dwelling in the past.
My phone rang and it was my friend who had been to NOVAS House Newport Tipperary. Her voice was full of joy and what a lovely day she had. She gave me the phone number of NOVAS` House, so the following day I rang for an appointment to go and visit. We arranged to meet and have a brief chat and a cup of tea with one of the respite workers.
Of course my intentions were I would go and find a cure or another way of fixing my son. In a fortnight`s time I was welcomed into the house where I was greeted by two lovely respite workers, we sat in the conservatory with a cup of tea and a scone. We talked endlessly, I felt the house was a very safe place, homely and relaxed. It was all about me, how I was coping, it was all about my welfare and I was to focus on my life and that what I was going through was alright.
The respite workers were so nice, compassionate and professional. Only for NOVAS House…it helped me deal with my son and take the focus off him and put it back on me. There is light and hope at the end of the tunnel. I helped me to relax, meditate and enjoy the beautiful gardens and surrounding countryside around NOVAS` house.
I was also given a choice of therapies which were provided by compassionate, understanding gifted people. I felt so refreshed and revitalised, there was a release of tensions and negative energy that I had repressed in my body. I hadn’t been able to let it go for years.
I was so depressed, there was enormous pain, grief, sadness, shame, guilt, frustration, anger and isolation that I had suppressed, and I had the same symptoms as an addicted person. Looking back my past had moulded my future.
My life has now improved immensely, I have a new way of dealing with life, and I am more aware and educated. I have to thank the staff of NOVAS respite house for their support and understanding which has helped me live a normal fulfilled life. I look forward to the visits and treatments in NOVAS respite house every six weeks. I am grateful and fortunate to be a part of NOVAS` respite house. It has given me a better, healthier relationship with my son. I am not judgmental, I have let go. NOVAS house is my dream house. Thank you for having me.
Live life go to NOVAS respite House,
Long-time visitor to NOVAS respite house. C.B