NOVAS Christmas Toy Appeal

Every year NOVAS’ Christmas Toy Appeal supports more than 1,000 children, to help ensure they wake up happy on Christmas morning. This year, we anticipate that more families than ever will need our support and we need you’re help to make this possible! If you are in a position to participate, read on to see how you can get involved:

We are doing the toy appeal slightly different this year, to reflect the challenging times we live in, in terms of social distancing and reducing contacts. If at all possible, we are asking people to donate money to the toy appeal or to buy vouchers for Smyths, Penneys or a sports store. We are making this request so that people don’t have to go shopping, if they don’t wish to and to reduce the number of people calling to our service and interacting with our staff throughout December. A donation can be made here: Chose ‘Christmas Toy Appeal’ on the drop down menu. The money donated will be used by our staff to buy the toys that are needed. Alternatively, if you do not wish to donate money, we would be thrilled to accept vouchers. If these are purchased online, they can be emailed to and again our staff will use these to buy appropriate gifts for the children and teenagers we work with.

However, if you enjoy the shopping experience, we would be very grateful to accept gifts. We will provide the details of a child to buy for (age and gender). These can be dropped (unwrapped) to our Intensive Family Support Office on 1 Mungret Street, Limerick. Email to get the details of a child you can buy for.

Unlike other years, we’re not scheduling a drop-off date, to help stagger people calling to the service. You can drop as soon as you have done your shopping. However, as there is ever only one or two staff members in the office at one time, please ring in advance to make sure someone is there to receive the gift. The phone number is 061 468033.

Thanks everyone and please spread the word!