Our Stories Matter – The Abigail Women’s Service.

NOVAS’ Abigail Women’s Centre, the only dedicated female homeless service in Dublin, provides support and accommodation to more than 30 women. The service is located in Finglas.

The Abigail Women’s Centre engaged in a therapeutic project with residents of The Abigail Women’s Centre, as a means of supporting them to express their experiences of homelessness.

The first video ‘Baby Shoes’ tells the story of a homeless young woman and the desperation of being separated from her child.

‘Notebook’ brings to life the story of a homeless woman as she reflects on the chaos and destruction that lead to her becoming homeless

‘Board Games’ features the story of a homeless woman as she reminisces on the happier moments of her childhood and contemplates a life without homelessness.

The actors relay the exact words of the women in an effort to highlight the deep trauma of having nowhere to call home. The selected stories reflect the wide demographic of women accessing the service.

Despite the growing number of homeless women and the extensive public discourse on the issue of homelessness, the voice of single women remains largely unheard.

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