The Abigail Centre Story

The Abigail Centre Story

The Abigail Centre is one of two dedicated female homeless services run by NOVAS in Dublin. Here one of our residents shares her experience of living there. It’s not always easy and sometimes poses challenges but there is always support and understanding:

I have been a child in care from as long as I can remember. I came into care from the age of 7 in Ireland. Being in care has been a very tough life for me. I was just moved around and around. I moved around from different foster homes to different foster homes.

For years there was no stability.

I had no say in where I was moved and when I was moved. I was a child and had no say in what was done. Finally, after been moved around foster homes there. I was moved from Drogheda to Navan and different counties finally to Dunleer and back to Drogheda.

When I turned 18, I became homeless. Not only were the hostels not suitable for me, I was picked on frequently. I always longed to have friends but it was all thrown back in my face. I always felt different because no one had the same skin colour as me and this always made me different.

I’m 21 now. Finally, I got to the Abigail Centre in February and I have been here since then. I have had many challenges here. I have also struggled here. I have had many failings and broken policies too but there is something positive that has come out of all the challenges I’ve faced and that is my interactions with the management staff. I was given a second chance and am grateful for it. I have had positive interactions with the project workers and all the staff. I am currently linked in with different services within the Abigail such as the in-house Psychotherapist. I have received support while being here and I am making progress, one step at a time.

While at the Abigail, I have already been assisted to get a place in Beauty Therapy college. My aim is to remain focused, finish my course, get my own accommodation, get a job and start life afresh. Stay Strong, Anonymous